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Overcoming Adversity Through Growth In Spirit

BlueStone Pegasus is the official home Web site for the Kjono authored book ‘Tree: One Life That Made a Difference 12th Anniversary Edition’ and its derivative works. This site provides links to distributors of the book, its companion work, ‘Tree: Songs of the Valley’, and two forthcoming sequels.

"This book is powerful, uplifting and beautifully written." ~ Dr. Joyce Starr, Author/Publisher, Starr Publications,

Spiritual Adventure Through Tree: One Life That Made a Difference
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Contending with unexpected economic or personal upheaval tends to be intensely personal. That which we are unaware of or unable to control is most
often endured. Who did it becomes less important than how to survive the day.

When in survival mode we can experience feelings of being powerless, anger, denial and resignation. But as folks work through those phases by overcoming adversity, many find that they are not as powerless as initially assumed.  Anger or retribution provides little solace or relief, and there is a better way if we but look for it.

The new approach begins to embrace the challenge of recovery and to engender future growth. Small day-to-day achievements produce regained stability. The journey to a new life begins; taking committed steps and persisting one day at a time assures progress. Resignation soon becomes hope, often accompanied by denial transforming to joy, once one begins to see what positive results can flow from renewed efforts. A natural inclination then arises to set about the business of living once again. Most soon find that life is a journey that can be as positive and joyful as we are committed to making it become.
Perhaps what  "Lifes", as they choose to refer to themselves, learned while recovering from the Great Quake in a small valley on a Pacific Northwest island could help point toward a new way.  As Tree said, “If we start out thinking it can’t be done, then we’ve lost before we begin! There is no guarantee that we can be successful if we try, but it is certain that we will fail if we don’t.”